Fabienne Hoelzel, Saskia Niklas

Jesco Denzel

Valentin Alisch, Kahyan Mac

Sandro Brigato, Fulya Cimen, Thien Thanh Do, Antonia Dürig, Kay Kohler, Sabrina Münzer, Philipp Stute, Katerina Tatsiopoulou, Jasmin Wilkens




The publication is based on the results of the urban design studio "A Future for Otodo Gbame", presenting the context and the problem statement as well as summarizing the key aspects strategies of the urban design project. It concludes with a sequence of photographs by photographer Jesco Denzel, shot in 2017 on the project site.

The project area was Otodo Gbame, a former slum community in Lagos, Nigeria that faced several forced evictions between November 2016 and April 2017. The students developed in two different scenarios urban regeneration proposals. A workshop in Lagos, organized and funded by the Heinrich Böll Stiftung Nigeria in September 2017, critically reflected the proposal by students. Young urban professionals and residents of low-income communities joined the students in four working groups. The results of the workshop were again presented to representatives of Lagos State Government and NGOs.