Am wilden

Winter Semester 18 / 19
Seminar Landschaftsarchitektur

Christiane Humborg, Dirk Meiser

6 – 12

Many cities developed at and along river. The river as an (urban) landscape element contains many contradicting and (land-use) competing functions and demands. Rivers are subject to man-made impacts like no other landscape element. In the seminar, we will use the example of the Neckar in the Stuttgart region to investigate the different functions from a »wild river« to big waterways with commercial navigation changes, and how it affects the urban space. For this purpose, comparisons are made with other cities and the importance of the river as a free-space element and green-blue infrastructure is examined. Possible landscape urbanism approaches will be discussed, using best-practice examples. The aim is to develop a better understanding of the river basin as an enormously important element of green-open space in the city trough theoretical inputs and design exercises.