Winter Semester 18 / 19
Stegreif / Doppelstegreif
2,5 / 5 ECTS

offen für Studierende der Fachgruppe FG Architektur und Design

In cooperation with the Weissenhof Institute of the ABK Stuttgart, the chair of urban design will develop over the next few months a concept and position paper for the potential role of the ABK within the IBA 2027 in the Stuttgart region. The participants of the »ABK × IBA« investigate potential/future actors or groups of actors as well as associated/future »ABK × IBA« project intervention. The semester output includes critical mapping, portraits of actors, and storyboards. We’re looking for conceptual, experimental, and design-oriented approach for primarily temporary, perfomative project approaches, bringing together the disciplines of urban research, product design, textile design, and communication design. Follow-up projects in the upcoming semesters are possible.