Urban Metabolism. Mumbai

Schindler Global Award 2019

Beatrice Bucher, Natascha Fakler,
Victoria Johann, Verena Krappitz,
Yannik Plachtzik, Eva Racz,
Charlotte Raisch, Sara Schäfer,
Regina Stolz, Christine von Raven

Prof. Fabienne Hoelzel,
M.A. (AAD) Sebastian Schott,
Dipl.-Ing. Ute Vees,
Prof. Tobias Wallisser

Jury Comment:

This project was quickly recognized for its “plausible, detailed methodology, with lots of thinking about stakeholders.” It was notable for being “attractive because didn’t try to seduce us with urban images, gives
systems and methodology,” and it was found to be a nice contrast to more form-driven projects and representation strategies, and the strongest example of a participatory system based approach. A close
debate in the final session saw it rise to claim third prize, with special emphasis on its “envisaging a transformation system” that was found to be both “rich and radical.”