Academy in Africa

Fabienne Hoelzel, Professor,
Ute Vees, Academic Associate,

The Academy in Africa is a project and a format initiated by the Chair of Urban Design, run by Prof. Fabienne Hoelzel at the Stuttgart Academy of Art and Design. The Academy in Africa is committed to learn in and with Africa, focusing on research and research-by-design in and on urban Africa south of the Sahara.

The Academy in Africa implements research projects by African and European academics as well as teaching formats inside and outside of the ABK Stuttgart. Past and current activities of the Academy in Africa include:

– DAAD Fall School 'Learning in Africa. Urban design, planning, and governance beyond top-down and bottom-up', October 2020 (Lagos, Nigeria/ blended format due to Covid-19)
– DAAD Fall School 'African Urbanity', October 2019 (Addis Abeba and Zeway, Ethiopia)
– DAAD Spring School 'Urban Africa. Scenario Thinking', May 2019 (Bodman, Germany)

– Urban Design Studio 'Inter-African Perspectives. In Search For A Third (African) Way', summer semester 2021
– Urban Design Studio 'Urban Systems: Otumara, Lagos', summer semester 2020
– Urban Design Studio 'Urbanizing Ethiopia. Zeway', summer semester 2019
– Urban Design Studio 'Urbanizing Ethiopia. Hawassa', summer semester 2018
– Urban Design Studio 'Lagos. A Future For Otodo Gbame', summer semester 2017

– Urban Research Seminar 'African Mobility. Part Two', summer semester 2019
– Urban Research Studio 'African Mobility. Case Study: Ethiopia', summer semester 2018

– Research Project 'Methods and Methodologies in Higher Education in Urban Design in the Context of Rapid Urbanization', 2021/2022 (Yishak Teklegiorgis, Ute Vees)
– Research Project 'The strategic, the anthropological, and the politics: Tools and failures of actor-based (urban) design in low-income communities in Lagos, Nigeria', 2019 (Fabienne Hoelzel)
– Research Project 'Effective, affordable and community-based planning approaches in urban slum settlements in Lagos, Nigeria.' since 2017 (Fabienne Hoelzel)

– Longterm collaboration with the University of Lagos, Department of Architecture, including students and academic staff exchange
– Longterm collaboration with the University of Addis Abeba, EiABC, ECL, including students and academic staff exchange
– Longterm collaboration with the University of Hawassa including students and academic staff exchange

(photograph: Ebute Metta, Lagos, Nigeria – © Fabienne Hoelzel)